How to Reduce APK size in Unity 5.

reduce apk size in unity 5

Size of apk file surely affects the downloads of the game. People likely to download small size (i.e under 40 MB ) games over larger ones(i.e above 40 MB). This is not entirely true , but it does affect at some point.So here i will cover the most simple way to reduce apk size .

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How to reduce apk size in unity ? Follow the steps and you are good to go :

1.  Go to Edit -> Project Settings -> Player
2.  In Other Settings tab change the Device Filter

In Unity 5 , by default the Device Filter is set to FAT(ARMv7 + x86)

Device Filter APK Size(Empty Scene)
FAT(ARMv7 + x86) 18.04 MB
ARMv7 10.22 MB


This is “How to reduce apk size in unity” .

What is Arm v7 and x86 ?
Android supports 3 processor architectures – ARM , x86 (Intel) and MIPS.ARM surely is the winner and Intel is the biggest brand rival. ARM is a RISC (Reduced Instruction Set Computing) architecture while x86 being a CISC (Complex Instruction Set Computing) one. For more details click here.