Introducing Bullets V2 Earbuds by OnePlus


Few days ago OnePlus teases us with an announcement on their blog, they had posted a video on youtube and webpage. Today is the day so OnePlus unveiled the Bullets V2 earbuds, a sequel to its previous Bullets earbuds.

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As for the specifications,you will get a Aryphan Polyarylate diaphragm, 9mm dynamic driver, inline remote, 24Ω impedance, weight of 14g, 107dB of sound pressure, and a 3.5mm standard headphone jack. We heard a lot of rumors that next accessory from OnePlus will introduce usb type see port instead of headphone jack. But it turned out to be a rumor, everybody was hoping to see  USB Type-C, port.

Right now we don’t have any information regarding Pricing and the availability of Earbuds. But OnePlus has provided a “coming soon” tag line. We can expect the price to be around near by $20. Because if we looked at the first generation Bullets earbuds it was priced at $14.99 only. That’s why the pricing won’t cross $20 for the V2 .

OnePlus Bullets V2

Via: OnePlus