Nova Launcher Beta Updated with Google leaked Pixel Launcher Goodies

Nova Launcher Beta Updated with Google leaked Pixel Launcher Goddies

In past 2 weeks, we have seen leaked Apk of Google latest launcher which was Nexus launcher. This week a new Apk has leaked again but this time it was pixel launcher same leaked nexus launcher which is renamed to Pixel launcher. After the leaked Apk of nexus launcher, popular Android launcher Action launcher had updated with nexus launcher goodies. Yesterday another popular launcher Nova launcher beta also updated with pixel launcher goodies. Now you can customize your launcher same as leaked pixel launcher. That means you get an App drawer that can be swiped into, an arrow indicator to remind you to swipe, transparent tinting of the dock area, proper Pixel folder icons, and the new Google Search pill with the calendar.

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Kevin Barry Nova Launcher creator is telling you how you can setup your launcher to look and work like pixel launcher. Find the instructions below:

Pixel Launcher setup:

  • Drawer > Swipe to open
  • Drawer > Card Background > Off
  • Drawer > Background Color > White
  • Desktop > Indicators > Page Indicator > Line
  • Desktop > Indicators > Swipe to drawer indicator
  • Dock > Background > Rectangle, White, Transparent, behind navbar
  • Folder > Folder Background > N Preview

As for the rest of the update, the full changelog is below. This beta includes a new search view, “timeout” screen lock option, “double-tap-swipe” gestures, an integrated search bar in the drawer, and more. So yep, it’s much more than just the Pixel Launcher update.


  • 0-beta1 Sept 15
  • Swipe to open drawer (a la Pixel Launcher)
  • New Pixel Launcher style search bar
  • New search view, with tabs for Frequent, Recent ad New/Updated apps
  • New “Timeout” screen lock method
  • New double-tap-swipe gestures
  • Integrated search bar into drawer (card and immersive)
  • Option for dock backgrounds to draw under navbar
  • Nougat fixes and optimizations
  • Improve interactions with KLWP

To grab the latest beta, you must join Google beta program.

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