Squad Wars: Death Division now available on Android and iOS


When it comes to choosing a shooting game to kill your free time, you have plenty of options available out there in Google Play Store. Most of the shooting games have the same kind of concept and gameplay, thus we start looking for a shooting game which is somehow different from the rest of the available options. Then we see a new entry and hoping it will offer something new and stand out in the crowd. Here we present the first person shooting game Squad Wars: Death Division. The game is available as a free to download in the Google Play Store. Here is the fun thing about this game; the game is available worldwide except for China.

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This game has an interesting story, in the game Squad Wars; mysterious Billionaire Barakiel has decided to host the largest squad-based shooter tournament. Those who win this tournament with get the massive cash prize. The game features one of the best fighters from around the world. They fight the battle in the hope of winning the tournament and make their fortune with the winning cash prize. It is very important to win the tournament so that they can fulfill their wildest dream. The story sounds interesting, isn’t it?

Squad Wars: Death Davison features a single-play campaign with 44 levels so that you will get along with its touch-based controls. What makes it different from the others are its multiplayer modes. Multiplayer mode of Squad Wars includes Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Last Man Standing and much more. There are few modes which support up to six players in one match. This is something different because most of the game offers only 2 players in one match.

You can choose from 250 weapons for your player in the game and can play 11 different maps. The developer of the game Cmune has promised to add new weapons, maps and other content to the game on a regular basis.

If you are new to shooting game then Squad Wars gives you options to Aim and Shoot feature. Your weapon will be firing automatically when you see an enemy nearby. This feature is for the beginners, once you used to the whole gameplay you can turn off this his feature. After turning off this feature you can choose your favorite weapon and start playing like a pro.

Squad Wars also support the ability to find online friends and invite them to join you in private matches. You can even create a special private leaderboard where you can compare your scores with just your buddies rather than the entire world.The game includes a video replay feature so you can check out what you how you played your previous matches so that you can spectate and see others player move to learn their gameplay and strategy.

The game offers so much to do and if we receive the regular updates for the developer then it will be fun to play. Well, the game is free to download and play, but it does include in-app purchases.

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