According to OpenSignal survey, Airtel is the fastest wireless carrier in India

According to OpenSignal survey, Airtel is the fastest wireless carrier in India

Airtel is one of the leading Telecom operators in India, it has more users than Vodafone, Idea, Jio, etc. At the moment Airtel and Jio are fighting with each other saying that they are the fastest 4g network provider in India. A few weeks ago Airtel come into a trouble for their advertisement which claims according to they are the fastest 4g service provider in India. But according to The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (Tria), Jio has the fastest speed as compare to Airtel. So here is the real question which is the fastest network provider in term of data speed? Here we have the answer, OpenSignal has declared that in India Airtel is the fastest carrier in term of download speeds on both 4G and its 3G networks.

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OpenSignal survey was based on 1.3 billion measurements from 93,464 customers which are from all the major wireless networks between December 2016 and February 2017. OpenSignal claims that Airtel’s average 4G speeds were 11.5 Mbps. Second in this list was Vodafone at 8.59 Mbps and Idea were in third place with speeds of 8.34 Mbps. This one is a bit on the shocking side, Jio was at fourth place with the speeds of just 3.92 Mbps.

OpenSignal also points out in its report that all Airtel, Vodafone, Idea and Jio are trying their best to give the best service in term of 4G speed. But average download speeds in India are still very slow. All the above mentioned four carriers are still below the current 17.4 Mbps global average for 4G download speeds.

Yes according to the reports Jio is the slowest one on 4G speeds, but on the other side the survey shows that customers were able to get 4G signal from Jio network 91.6 percent of the time. Which is pretty good this means they have less interruption on 4G speed as compare to rest of the carrier. In this list Idea was in second place at 59.45 percent, Vodafone was third at 59.05 percent. The fourth one is Airtel, with just 54.72 percent, although they have won the speed race.

Vodafone was first with the smallest latency times on its 4G network, at 54.27 ms. The idea was second in 4G, with 61.34 ms latency, followed by Airtel with 63.86 ms and Jio in fourth with 86.61 ms.

Source :  OpenSignal