Everything you need to know about Google Docs Phishing Scam

Google Docs Phishing Scam is Making the Rounds

In day to day life, we send a lot of emails and we also receive too. Weather it for the business purposes or for college related work email is one of the major media to connect and share the information. We have heard about various scams and fraud that happens due to a fake email that you have received. If you have received an email today, which looks like a normal email which you get when a colleague or contact shares with you a Google Docs file? If you have received this kind of email double check and you should be careful. If you have received any email which shares a Google docs file don’t open the mail. Why I am saying so because a pretty convincing Google Docs phishing scam is making its way to the normal user’s life.

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Google Docs Phishing Scam is Making the Rounds

Many of the users have received this kind of emails in their inboxes which look exactly the same email that you have seen in the above image. The sender email address is “hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh@mailinator.com” along with a contact of yours. I know its look very real no one can tell it’s a fake email that’s why you should be more careful. When you open this email you will be asked to select a Google account or you will be asked to give a lot of permission to access that email. It’s a scam and result could be very bad you will end up sharing your privacy and contacts and lot more bad things.

As noted by this reddit user, he provides the images of the entire process. How you are giving complete access to your Google account to someone whom you don’t know. The thing is you are not accessing a Google Docs file because there is no file that has shared with you. Now imagine if you have given up access you are sharing all of your saved contacts. Most of us shared our bank account details via email and you don’t want someone to peek into it and take any kind of advantage that harms us.

Google Docs Phishing Scam is Making the Rounds

Thankfully Google has looked into this matter and they have “addressed” the phishing email that was posing as a Google Docs file. Google has provided additional info, as well as their security checkup to help keep your account safe, should you have been duped.

Here is the Google official statement:

We’ve addressed the issue with a phishing email claiming to be Google Docs. If you think you were affected, visit .