Google Play is rolling out feature ratings for gameplay, controls & graphics


This week some of the users reported that they are seeing small UI changes in Google Play Store. According to them, they have started seeing ‘feature ratings’ for games in Google’s Apps & Games section. Earlier Android Police has reported this news; they have also shared screenshots of the changes

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Google Play is rolling out individual game ratings for gameplay, controls and graphics

The idea behind this makes a lot of sense, suppose you are playing a game that has brilliant graphic and storyline. But it has very poor controls and it is affecting the overall gaming experience. In this case, game is worth the install. What if you are playing some other game that has beautiful and enticing graphics but the gameplay is very awful. You might not play that game again and you end up uninstalling it.

What if you have this feature enabled on your device. You just have to go through the games section of Google Play, pick that particular game and app scroll down to the rating section. Below that you will see the new Rate the Gameplay section under that you will find feature ratings. From there you can rate it according to its controls, gameplay and graphic. So that developer will get to know the weak point.

Right now Google has not rolled out this feature, but they will start rolling out very soon. If you are one of those people who can see the new feature ratings. You are able to submit your review and can take advantage of these three feature ratings section.