Samsung is first to produce System-on-Chip with 10-Nanometer FinFET Technology

Samsung is first to produce System-on-Chip with 10-Nanometer FinFET Technology

After the Note 7 epic fail, Samsung is back in track, yesterday’s night Samsung announced they have started mass production on a new mobile processor built with 10-nanometer FinFET technology. If all the reports are true, in that case this this could be Qualcomm’s upcoming Snapdragon 830 chipset, which will be featured in next year’s Galaxy S8 and other flagship phones.

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When Samsung announced the production they did not specify the device or processor in which this new 10nm technology would fit in.  On the other hand Samsung suggested that it would launch in “digital devices” early next year and 2017. According to Samsung this newly developing 10 nanometer processors is much faster in comparison with 14nm processors. The new chipset allows 27% higher performance with 40% less power consumption. They will also introduce a 2nd-gen version of the processor in the 2nd half of 2017 with a slightly better improved performance.

This announcement is not related to Samsung Exynos chipset . According to ETNews, there are very positive chances that Samsung could use this 10nm tech in Qualcomm’s upcoming Snapdragon 830 processor. As per the various sources Samsung is making all of the Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 830 processor. Qualcomm and Samsung both mutually agreed with some sort of deal to feature it in the Galaxy S8.

“The mass production of this 10-nano APs has proven the competitive edge of Samsung Electronics’ fine process technology,” – Yoon Jong-shik, a vice chief of Samsung’s foundry business.

If the Snapdragon 830 plays out like this year’s Snapdragon 820(14nm), we could see the 830 for most of the year, followed by an 831 towards the back-end. Should that be the case, I hope the 831 is more widely adopted. I say that because for 2016, the only phones so far really running a Snapdragon 821 are Google’s new Pixel phones.

The newly developing 10nm should focus more on performance with better battery life.

Via:  Samsung | ETNews